About Us

We are a specialist Marketing Agency which works with an eclectic mix of clients across games, transport, blockchain, apps and other cutting edge, and traditional sectors.

Founded in Dublin, Ireland in 2013 by Jamie McCormick, we provide a range of strategic marketing services to pre-launch start-ups, as well as working with products and services through their launch and post-release life cycles. Our team’s background is mainly from the online video games industry, where we’ve a collective 30+ years experience between the team working with online products and have worked across companies including Demonware, NCSoft, GALA Networks Europe/Webzen and Blizzard Entertainment. For the last number of years, we have also built up a specialist blockchain sector focused Bitcoin Marketing Team.

We also have launched our Chrysal.is CPC and CPA Fraud & Waste Recovery Service after 2 1/2 years development, leveraging our experience and expertise in dealing with high-volume online marketing campaigns, and our Irish built platform. Chrysalis enables marketing managers to measure, control, and enforce traffic from any digital marketing source, to filter wasted budget, redistributing budget correctly, ensure that high quality traffic is rewarded, and suppliers who try to dilute traffic are caught red handed in the act.