Insured | Member of the Marketing Institute of Ireland


Chrysalis is digital marketing auditing and fraud recovery service for online marketers. Built using methods and processes from the online video games industries, it gives a unified tracking, reporting and accreditation system for measuring marketing, advertising and communications activities. We offer four-week monitoring of advertising campaigns, and can conduct deep analysis to identify good, average, poor and questionable advertising traffic sources, enable refunds or credits from digital advertising suppliers.

Marketing Agency

We provide bespoke Marketing, Advertising and Communication support packages for clients in Ireland, the UK and Europe. We can support Strategic Marketing Plan development & training, Integrated Communications Planning, or Advertising Management packages to suit all budgets and products at different stages of their life cycle. Sectors we have our current and previous clients in are: bitcoin/blockchainvideo gamestransportapp development. We have specific experience with large-scale, b2c consumer SaaS, and b2b SaaS projects.

Advertising Management

Our team has directly managed over €10,000,000 of marketing campaigns, across every conceivable mix of suppliers (Google, Facebook, Twitter, Affiliate Networks, Ad networks, direct negotiation), on every mix of business model (CPM, CPC, CPA, CPI, Commission, Revenue Share). We create, integrate, optimise and manage our client's campaigns with Chrysalis, which enables us to have deep granular insight into marketing performance, quickly launch advertising campaigns, and optimised based on after-click behaviour, LTV and ROI.

Ad Campaign Integration & Setup

We hold a very high technical standard for working with clients and advertising networks, and have extensive experience integrating analytics and conversion tracking into client campaigns. We can also provide a range of training courses to ensure that company staff are correctly setting up campaigns, to make sure all campaigns have the optimisation data they require.

Monetisation Consultancy

We work with companies to help them design business models to enable the monetisation of online products and services, in the apps, games, bitcoin and SaaS sectors.

Market Research

We can conduct bespoke market research programs for clients, helping to put together a better understanding of your existing customer base, or how they are using your competitors products and services.

On Site SEO

Our experienced team has plenty of experience working with hand built and WordPress based on-site SEO. We can work with you to integrate with Search Engines, integrate Meta tags for Search Engine Optimisation, OpenGraph & Twitter tags, sitemaps, page speed, and other on-site techniques to improve your page rank in major search engines.

Past clients include