Project Chrysalis

We’re gamers, who’ve managed multi-million euro annual budgets across CPM, CPC, CPA and every flavour in between.

We’ve developed our own marketing middleware platform, Project Chrysalis to offer advertisers spending at scale in complex, multi-market, multi-product, multi-supplier full transparency on their supply chain with audit quality data on every marketing click.




We work back from your sales KPI’s, through the conversion steps, and work out which specific traffic sources are generating your high, average and low quality and dud traffic.

Using this information, you can individually price specific sources, to maximise your return on investment from your top suppliers, and reprice all of your digital marketing activities on return on investment, lifetime value, or user behaviour.


Using your own metrics, delivered via CSV or API, we can match the data with your click data, to generate simple to read, actionable reports to enable your teams to switch off unproductive traffic not hitting any KPI’s, filter out mistargeted traffic, identify low volume, high value traffic sources, and safe bets.

Ad Campaign Integration & Setup

One dashboard gives you information on all of your advertising partners in one place. See more information about individual clicks than adservers you’re using are giving you, and have close to real-time information to help you debug campaign setup, and spot campaigns that are set up incorrectly.

Change CPA into Cost Per Anything

We link your KPI’s, whatever your conversion funnel, and enable you to extract actionable reports to help you better understand what people are doing after they’ve clicked.

You can use this to refine your conversion funnel and metrics around real business goals, and price back from any action in your database.

Communications Measurement

Do a load of communications? Measure your PR and Community Management teams on the same metrics as your marketing teams. Works with any URL driving traffic to a landing page.

This allows what’s usually a fairly subjective field, to be measured on the same benchmarks as paid marketing activities, and see how it differs in behaviour.

Training Programs

We can develop and deliver one-to-one training for tech company executives and supplier facing staff, helping to put together best practice processes and procedures to ensure that your team is communicating effectively with your audience, and marketing and advertising activities are delivered correctly.

This includes insertion order contracts, negotiation with ad and affiliate networks, url tagging for optimisation, and dealing with good, bad and fraudulent suppliers in a data driven, methodological way.

Insertion Order Enforcement

Your contract with your supplier is often reliant on their information. Our system enables you to supply criteria that traffic is supposed to have, and flag it if it’s in breach.

Supposed to have your campaign traffic from France? See that 22% is coming from Brazil, and have just cause to refuse to pay for it. Get itemised cancellation reports, to enable you to get refunds for leads still in your chargeback period.

Incentivised traffic not allowed? Use our behavioural analysis to spot sources delivering it, and cancel the leads in breach of insertion order.

This platform is built by marketing managers for marketing teams to measure their suppliers in more detail then they give you.

See more data

Relying on summary information in lots of different systems?

See click data side by side, and filter down to different metrics as you go through the data. Get auditable itemised exportable data on every click, with no delays.

One dashboard enables you to see your clicks as they happen from all of your suppliers in one place, and filter down to different suppliers. Reconcile your stats against the ones they’re supplying you, and identify dependencies in data.

Chrysalis – Coming in 2015

We learned over ten years how to properly measure marketing and communications in online games, and solved many problems facing marketing managers today. Our middleware platform will enable marketing teams to get to grips with complex marketing campaigns, and make sure their suppliers are delivering exactly what they're contracted to through data driven optimisation and fraud detection.
Jamie McCormick